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We offer you the opportunity to reconnect to self through meditation classes, mindfulness based coaching and the power of yoga classes in Melbourne. 

Personal wellness packages

Private and group yoga sessions AM WELLNESS

Pick from our tailor made packages, especially crafted to offer you the nourishment that you need the most at this point in your life.

I AM calm

Feeling stressed, anxious and busy – constantly running on autopilot?
This package offers you easy and accessible tools and tips to help you calm the mind using both ancient and modern relaxation techniques including meditation , mindfulness and body awareness.

I AM inspired

Stuck in a rut and lacking purpose? This potent and energising package offers you tools to tap into your inner insight to connect you back to what you really want in life and the map to get there.

I AM happy

Do you feel disconnected and numb at times? This package includes acceptance commitment therapy to work through what’s holding you back and to ignite sparks of insight about what makes you happy and the tools to cultivate and nurture this happiness into your day to day life.

Private yoga sessions – Melbourne area only

Experience yoga one to one in the comfort of your own home or at a private location. Understand the principles of yoga and the techniques that you can apply to your everyday practice.

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Corporate offerings

Meditation classes Melbourne - AM WELLNESS meditation courses Melbourne

With over ten years experience in corporate, I have a deep understanding of the realities, stresses and strains of a busy job and pressurised environment.

My corporate packages offer practical tips and tools to help employees alleviate stress, increase productivity and enhance overall wellbeing.

Ray P
Ray P
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I enjoy doing yoga from the comfort of my home, and as part of this solo meditation. When I signed up for this class, I didn’t know what to expect. The group class opened me up to new ideas and ways to connect with myself and the environment. It was a rewarding experience and one I will always reflect on and use in the future. I particularly enjoyed the mix of theory and practical teachings, as this further helped with this exploration and guided me on the right path, even as an introvert!
Nicole S
Nicole S
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Alex’s voice is extremely soothing, and I have a sense of calm leading up to our weekly meditation class. Her sixth sense on everyone’s feelings are spot on and it’s as if she can read our minds. It can be scary yet also comforting knowing that I can completely trust and let go in a safe environment.
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Yoga classes Melbourne

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