AM WELLNESS – Alex McDonald

Making time to pause and turn inwards is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

AM WELLNESS will help to empower you to find the right tools to connect with your innate wisdom and transform your sense of wellbeing in practical and sustainable ways.

We welcome everyone to our meditation classes in Melbourne and other services. Our place is open to all, no matter your background, sexual orientation or race. Diversity is celebrated. And we offer group, corporate or personal meditation and mindfulness classes for people in Melbourne and surrounding areas. 

Alex McDonald- My wellness story

Alex McDonald - Founder of AM WELLNESS

I’m a meditation and mindfulness expert, yoga teacher and a specialised therapist trained in ACT (acceptance commitment therapy, a mindfulness based approach to behaviour change).

With over 15 years experience in self development, I am passionate about helping people smash through their internal barriers to live a life they are truly excited about.

Meditation, mindfulness and yoga have helped me to feel grounded, whole and connected. Rather than rushing from one thing to the next, my daily practice has helped me to be more present in order to notice and enjoy the little pockets of happiness that we so often miss when we are busy.

Who I work with

People who find it really hard to switch off and relax. Modern life is full of stressors and I work with people who need tips and tools to help calm the mind and relax the body so that they can enjoy life more.

How we work together

It all starts with you, you choose the package to suit the area of your life you’d most like to improve and we develop a plan together that involves a range of different tools and techniques such as meditation practice, mindfulness techniques and breath work as well as regular coaching sessions to help you stay on track.

What makes me different

I offer a practical, fun and accessible approach to meditation and mindfulness, cutting out the jargon and giving people a taste of calm so they can experience firsthand the tools they already have access to and the ever present calm buried within. I have a psychology degree and offer techniques that are based in science and backed by credible research.

Ed H
Ed H
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Although I had some experience with meditation a long time ago, Alex was able to enlighten me with new techniques, in a course delivered with her passion and enthusiasm that brought me back to using meditation in some way, almost every day.”
Nikki A
Nikki A
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As a newbie to the world of meditation & mindfulness, I wasn’t too sure what to expect from these sessions! I have finished, however, feeling empowered to integrate meditation & mindfulness into my life, armed with a range of different techniques in the toolkit to use when needed. Alex’s classes are a mix of meditation techniques, meditation sessions, thoughts on mindfulness and are a supportive and inclusive environment to explore what works for you and your needs and time.
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