Hearing all this hype about mindfulness? Keen to learn more about meditation classes?

You may be wondering what all the fuss is all about…Well you’ve certainly come to the right place, here at AM wellness we’re on a mission to make mindfulness easy and enjoyable.

We offer you the opportunity to reconnect to self through meditation classes, mindfulness based coaching and the power of yoga.

We combine ancient Philosophy with modern day theory, using practical methods and exercises that help to calm the mind and relax the body. This potent approach gives people the opportunity to pause their busy lives and look within for the answers.

Inspired by ancient wisdom and backed by credible research, our offering is firmly grounded in science and psychology ensuring you get access to the latest and greatest tools and techniques to help you on your wellness journey.

Our wellness packages can help you to:

Modern life is often busy and stressful and there are constant demands for our time and attention. This can result in feeling stressed, tired and disconnected from the things that are most important to us. Using ancient wisdom and modern knowledge, you will find wellness packages that suit your unique needs bringing you back to a life you’ll want to be awake for.

Ready to find out which personal wellness package is for you? 

Private and group yoga sessions AM WELLNESS

Connecting your mind, body and spirit. Yoga can help you align your senses to the present. Helps to support health and happiness.

Meditation classes Melbourne - AM WELLNESS meditation courses Melbourne

Meditation classes and mindfulness can bring clarity, help with concentration, emotions and calmness.

Personal coaching service Melbourne - AM WELLNESS

Even high performing individuals need a support person. Personal coaching to connect you to your goals with clarity and a clear path to move forward.


A form of counselling and behaviour therapy, that connects mindfulness and values to drive meaningful outcomes.

Jenny Y
Jenny Y
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I couldn’t recommend the mindfulness course enough. Alex is a fantastic and engaging teacher and the course is invaluable for anyone who wants to build their emotional and mental resilience.
Maddie G
Maddie G
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Alex shares an extremely informative and simple look at meditation. I feel more confident about the benefits of meditation and my ability to practice it independently. Alex is a wonderful teacher, guide and facilitator that helps to draw the most out of each experience for everyone in the room.
How does a meditation class work?

In this video we take a look at how a meditation class works and its benefits.

There are many different types of classes out there, so it is worth being across the different types out there. 

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